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Graffitti Maths

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Reach For The Moon

This term, as part of my SATS preparation, I am really trying build the children’s confidence in Maths. The weaker children are always much more lacking in self-confidence in Maths than in English. I am trialling some of Tim Handley’s @timhenzley problem solving techniques prior to book publication and they really are inspiring some good class discussions.
I asked the children, “Is it always, sometimes or never true that all the angles if a triangle add up to 180 degrees?”
Fascinating what you think they know and what they don’t know. Two responses that stood out for me were:
“Sometimes, because if the triangle is smaller the angles get smaller.”
“Sometimes because if one angle is more than 180 degrees it will be more in total.”
Needless to say, lots of discussion to sort those two theories out!
We like using huge paper, ‘graffitti maths’, an idea I magpies from…

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