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challenges ahead The 15 minute forum tonight was led by Steph Holt – looking at how we can ensure high levels of challenge during lessons.  She started the session by reminding us of the fact that it’s unfortunate that often when you read about challenge, it’s often in the context of ‘challenging the most able’.  This is not good. It seems quite bizarre that we seem to have got into thinking that only the most able need/deserve challenging? So some over-arching principles for challenge:
  • It’s not just about the most able.
  • We should have high expectations of all students, all of the time.
  • Make it hard – it’s good for students to find tasks difficult.

On the last point, how many of us have been told (following a lesson observation) that ‘you pitched the lesson wrong, as they were struggling‘ -This is an odd statement, as struggle (within reason obviously) is good as it develops

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