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The Grinch Manifesto

I’ve been at the Education Festival today and watched a panel discussion which mentioned the concept of Flipped Learning.


To summarise the main points:

A flipped classroom is where you supply kids with films and materials to access learning so that the children can engage in discussion in class.

This is reasonable but essentially reductive. It describes the how, not the why. Applying that recipe will not lead to an effective implementation.

Flipping a classroom requires a change of spirit. It requires the teachers to be willing to shift the locus of control. Flipping puts the locus of control with the learners. It means:

1) learners will drive the agenda in lessons,
2) teachers will really need to know their stuff and be able to answer any question on the learning.
3) the teachers need to plan ahead to supply the learning resources
4) be prepared to follow the learners…

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