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Authentic narrative in cross-curricular planning – or Selling the Curriculum

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The Grinch Manifesto

I’m really taken with this idea.  I have realised that I used to teach themes or topics as bricks in a wall, that they should be sold to children as journeys through a landscape.  Learning isn’t random bricks inserted in a wall of understanding, nor is it confining ladders or spirals.  It is a glorious meandering journey where each event relates to its forerunner.

Story telling is the most ancient tool of the teacher.  Their impact has been charted in many cultures through out history.  There seems to be  particular text that is referred to regularly:

Hardy,B (1977) Narrative as a primary act of mind.  This work is cited by many seeking to assert that narrative is a tool for learning, including Daniels (1996).

I have been conscious of this notion since becoming aware of Pat Sykes & Ken Gale’s work on Narrative approaches to education research. (2006) They begin…

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