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Creative Cross Curricular Contexts

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Miss Horsfall

If nothing else, I’ve achieved some alliteration today! This post is in response to a discussion between several primary type people on twitter yesterday – namely myself, @imagineinquiry, @redgierob, @educationbear, @rpd1972, @nancygedge and @michaelt1979. We were discussing the merits and otherwise of what is variously called ‘creative curriculum’, ‘cross curricular planning’, ‘context driven learning’, ‘topic based planning’, etc. There are, I’m sure, as many terms for this as there are schools, with each having its own nuance. I’m not particularly knowledgeable about curriculum design, so I’m not intending to spend (much) time on basic principles, but rather I’m hoping to talk about what it is that I do, and that we do in my school.

First though, a few things on which everyone agrees: creative curriculum can be done wonderfully or it can be done terribly. Links between traditional subject areas can be natural and helpful, or forced and contrived…

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