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The Clock & The Compass: Rethinking Instruction

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Pragmatic Education

We should focus instruction on rigorous, content-led, subject-specific tasks

that ensure students think hard about subject content.

It is my belief that we need to change the way we think about planning and instruction.

 clock     compassclock       

In his book First Things First, Stephen Covey suggests changing the way we think about time: from the clock to the compass. Clock thinking is working out how to get more and more things done. Compass thinking is working out which things to focus on in the first place.


In teaching, it strikes me that we are stuck in clock thinking. We think about planning and evaluating individual, ideally ‘outstanding’ lessons. This pursuit of the ‘outstanding lesson’ is a chimera, spawning innumerable INSETs and entire book series.


Is the road to hell paved with outstanding intentions?

As Professor Coe has pointed out, this risks focusing…

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