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Now That’s Primary Blogging Volume Five

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Another week, another volume of primary-related posts. Please let us know of anything you have written or read that you would like to have included in future volumes via @prawnseye or

1. Using dramatic imagination to develop writing, via @primaryblogger1.

2. Developing Talk for Writing techniques, courtesy of @nicoladarling78:

3. Advice on Universal Free School Meals, via @ajjolley:

4. Feeling failure and facing the future, via @PeepingPearson:

5. The Triple Salvo method of teaching vocabulary, via @prawnseye:

6. The pedagogical broth that overflows from the melting pot of primary schools, courtesy of @ClassroomTruths:

7. Why teaching is an amazing job, via @lizzie_h18:

8. The Mathematics of Writing, via @prawnseye:

9. Navigating the Sea of Pedagogy, courtesy of @diankenny:

10. Reading for pleasure, courtesy of @stephenconnor7:

11. Finding enjoyment through guided reading, via @colinhezwoz:

12. Nobody Puts my Baby in…

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