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Children need to be more like tortoises…

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‘The race to the finish the line is to writing in the primary classroom what consumption was to the common man in fin de siècle Britiain.’

Although not the sentiments of a venerable philosopher of education or an author of high renowned, and despite this being nothing more than my own humble opinion and based upon nothing other than my own equally humble experiences, this is, I feel, a statement of great truth.

A child said unto me recently, ‘can I change my book now?’.

I replied, curtly, ‘did you enjoy it?’ knowing full-well that this was not the face of a child in the throes of literary rapture.

‘No’ she said, ‘I only read the first two chapters.’

There seems to be deep-seated desire in children today (or perhaps there always has been) to seek completion; to tick the box; to move on. Where has this come from? When do we cease to see…

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