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The Triple Salvo – not a Winter Olympic ice-dancing move…

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In the relatively short time I have been
blogging and using Twitter, I have been fascinated, helped and enraged by the manifold posts I have read on writing; I have even been moved to write two of my own.

Although I am not an English specialist, I am a linguist by background (first degree in Scandinavian Studies since you’re asking), with a particular interest in the teaching of writing in primary schools. To that end, I am intrigued that relatively little (unless I am missing posts, which is entirely possible) is written about those aspects of children’s learning and development which success in writing is dependent: speaking, listening and reading. This post is an attempt to loosely articulate my thoughts on a teaching method I have employed for some time: the horribly pretentious sounding ‘triple salvo’.

Perhaps this is me, but isn’t an incredible part of teaching hearing children employ…

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