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Montebank or Bust – Confessions of a Charletan

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Many years ago, as a new head, I mentioned my doubts about headship in a coaching session.  They were big doubts. What if I fail to take this school forward? What it the parents hate me? What if the kids hate me? I know the teachers will hate me…

‘Mother do you think they’re try to break my balls’

I thought headship would get easier. That the longer you did it the simpler it got. I thought that the tap on the shoulder came within the first few years. So why do I look over my shoulder daily? Why is it, after much success, I feel that I have so much more to achieve and feel that this is harder than in the past?

I went to a a coaching session recently… Well, when I say ‘coaching’ I mean ‘counselling’ session. This was a long and hard decision. I am…

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