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Using dramatic imagination to develop writing

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I don’t know about you, but I find teaching children creative writing to be one of the most difficult, yet most rewarding, teaching tasks I do. For the first half of my teaching career I have to confess it was, on the whole, a hit and miss process. Mostly miss to begin with, then, gradually, more hit, as I slowly developed an understanding and appreciation of what it was I was trying to do.

For me, the biggest turning point came when I heard about the six forms of dramatic imagination – sound/silence; movement/stillness; darkness/light. Forgive me if this old news to you, but when I was first introduced to it, I was, frankly, thunderstruck: “Why didn’t I know about this?” I asked, “Why wasn’t I taught this on my PGCE? Christ, why wasn’t I taught this at school?!?”

The six forms are such a simple, even basic, element of writing – indeed all art and art forms – that they should really be common knowledge in the same way primary colours are.

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