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Feeling Failure

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little picture, big picture

Little Picture: Debra Kidd’s blogpost about her decision to leave teaching

Big Picture: Feeling failure and weighing up the future.

Lately I’ve been wanting to leave my job. This week, after a particularly depressing SLT meeting where too much time was spent discussing staffing problems, the feeling that I had lost my grip over my various roles in school settled over me like a huge black cloud. I drove home in tears, feeling that despite working 14 hour days, I was ineffective and I was failing the children in our school, and what’s more, I could not in that moment see how to improve. It’s fine to acknowledge that I need not work more, just smarter, but knowing how to do that is quite another thing altogether. I don’t. And I don’t know who can help me. Later that evening, I stumbled across Debra Kidd’s blogpost. Most of my inspiration…

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