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Headsmart.......Reflections of a Headteacher

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Today we had Diana Pardoe come in  and deliver her training on Assessment for Learning, the 3rd generation.

Like I said to everyone there, her training is not a one off session that you leave from and don’t remember in a few weeks, it is transformational.  It sticks….it forces you to make changes and truly impacts upon what you do as a school.

After reading her book, Towards Successful Learning (found here: I knew that Diana was exactly who I needed to get into school.

I had been looking at booking her for almost three years now, but I just wasn’t able to at my previous school (due to different priorities), however, before I even took up the post as head, I e-mailed her to see when she was available to come into my new school.  She wasn’t available during any of our Inset days but…

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