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Context-free writing: a strategy to raise engagement

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How many people (even if they don’t care to admit it) have bought a Take That album? But how many people would buy an album of Gary Barlow rapping?

Last week, an Inspector called. Amongst other things, she suggested we look at what we are doing to engage our children, and particularly boys, in writing. Here is a brief description of one of the strategies we have elected to develop.

Time-upon-time, I have seen children battle to write in a range of styles; who hasn’t? I would like to make clear now that I fully advocate the need to be able to write for different purposes. But my opening paragraph alludes to the fact that we all have strengths and sometimes we need to play to them.

Amongst our staff, there has been some discussion about whether expecting children to write in one style over another can stymy enthusiasm for…

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