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White Noise – feedback

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“Monsieur Flaubert is not a writer.” – Le Figaro

Being told that we are ‘requiring improvement’ or worse still ‘inadequate’ is something that fills many in our profession with dread. Equally, for many, the thought of telling a colleague that they are falling far behind the mark is a challenge that the vast majority of us never become comfortable with. I think that the day I ‘enjoy’ telling teachers that their lesson’s are, in essence, ‘crap’ will be the day I need to change career. Giving and receiving feedback can be one of the most difficult aspects of being a teacher because at it’s heart there is almost always a value judgement attached to it. Therefore, I thought I would spend some time on this blog exploring my thoughts around this and why I think ‘value judgments’ are a good thing.

Firstly, I looked at some books around this subject and…

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