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not very jolley

I know the official letter relating to Universal Free School Meals only went out a fortnight ago and there are still many issues still to be clarified, but schools should be in discussions with governors, LA, suppliers and the SLT.

Here is my top ten things to consider

1 Managing expectations
Thanks to Nick Clegg, most people will think UFSM policy means a free hot lunch for every pupil. In many cases it will not! Certainly not initially, so unless you are confident your school can provide a hot meal to all your children from day one, start warming parents up to the realities that will face them in September.

2 Planning your numbers
Don’t assume every child will take up the offer of a FSM. There will be huge fluctuations in take up for UFSM. Given the inevitable publicity, I would expect an initial surge, possibly 100%, but this…

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