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#TMUK links to blogs and resources – presentations, videos etc

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Links will be added following National TeachMeet Day 2014 – Thursday 6 February.  Please post any link/s that you wish to share in the comments section below, many thanks. Gill

@ICTmagic A Brief history of teachmeets

@paulyb37  Inspiring books for teachers and leaders to read

@lancslassrach  An inaugural teach meet

@ICTmagicResources to bring the outside, inside (the classroom)

@mberry – The new primary IT curriculum

@MarcWithersey – A microblog of TeachMeet Midlands

@PeteBevington – TM Midlands, what was it all about?

@Graham_IRISC  – TeachMeet UK 6 Practical Classroom Ideas

@ThisIsLiamM  –  Windows for displays

@ShrekTheTeacher – The Counting Wheel

@Mrlockyer  – Promoting reading

@collaborat_ed    Self organised learning environments 1  Self organised learning environments 2

@PeepingPearson – Barrier Games – to develop SLCN & BESD needs

@DevNicely – Learning timelines

@ms_jamdangory – TeachMeet West Norfolk – Part 1

@MrsPTeach – Enterprise Education

@michaelt1979 – Website and English…

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