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Tough Young Teachers doing Sex Education

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3D Eye

Like many with an interest in education and pedagogy, we’ve been watching BBC3’s “Tough Young Teachers” with, at times, uncomfortable fascination. Many have commented on this series and how it highlights some significant concerns about placing young graduates in challenging classrooms with only a minimal amount of training. Being an “intellectual” with considerable subject knowledge DOES NOT automatically make someone a great teacher.


We’ll write more on this after the final episode of this programme has been aired. However, we feel compelled to write today about a classic example of how a lack of training and CPD can create havoc in the classroom with potentially lasting repercussions for the young people being “taught”.

Nicholas Church and Meryl Noronha, two of the “Bright Young Things”, were asked to deliver a Sex Education lesson to their Year 7 pupils. According to the television programme ,“All novice teachers are asked to teach ‘Life…

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