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On my knees

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Dear Mr Gove,

I am on my knees. Not from exhaustion from the 8.30am until 3.30pm hours. Oops, I meant the leaving  the house at 7.30am to get into school to prepare for a hectic, busy,  exciting  day with 31 year one/two children, many days without a drink or lunch, being kicked out at 5.55pm, on the days there are no meetings, clubs, pta, governors, visits after school,  by the caretaker whilst carrying a bag of books still to be marked and notes on my to do list to sort ready for the following day.

Yes sir, I am on my knees. Begging my two children (Fifteen and eleven) for forgiveness. For what you may ask? For not spending enough quality mum time with them. For always thinking about other people’s children. For evenings and weekend spent marking books and homework with quality comments, stickers, feedback, praise whilst casting a…

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