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Now That’s Primary Blogging Three

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And so another Friday arrives. Like the day itself, this post comes without fanfare, just the quiet announcement that contained within are some of the primary-related blogging highlights of the past week. Should you happen to read or write anything you would like shared in next week’s Volume Four then let us know via Twitter (@prawnseye) or email

1. Taking control of lesson observations, via @PrimaryHead1:

2. The limiting nature of Success Criteria for writing, via @prawnseye:

3. Opposing baseline tests in Reception, via @juliangrenier:

4. Being an NQT via @jade_thomas2011

5. @primarypete_ on resource sharing via #oneresource:

6. The need for children to spend more time playing outdoors, via @ugglymuggly:

6. Via @greyengine, using picture and story books in maths:

7. What does meaningful engagement look like? Via @HeyMissSmith

8. New curriculum FAQs, via @michaelt1979:

9. The importance…

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