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“Michael Gove’s explanation is that he is locked in a struggle with “The Blob” – the name he and his allies give to the educational establishment which is inspired by the 1950’s film” Nick Robinson


Firstly, I must admit to not reading Dangerfield’s analysis of Edwardian Liberal collapse in “The Strange Death of Liberal England” but I did read The Amazing Dangermouse Pop Up (Genius!). I have read through Mr Gove’s speech at the London Academy of Excellence though and decided to interpret his words for meaning. One of the first things that niggled me in his speech was, “At the heart of the success of the best independent schools – and the best state schools – is freedom for the headteacher”. Surely, it should have read:

“At the heart of every successful private school is the selective, fee-paying exclusivity of the rich and privileged and the heart of the…

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