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Watch out! Gove is nasty and desperate

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Gove is showing signs of desperation. Maybe this is a wounded man is lashing in the dying throes of his government.

His ridiculous pronouncements on behaviour and his claims of a ‘Berlin Wall between private and state schools’ show that he is returning to the Tories’ favourite issues. These ideas come from a long held Tory belief that society is falling because teachers don’t deal with bad behaviour. They look down on the state sector and working class students with contempt. Rich people’s schools are better than poor people’s so shut up and accept your place!

Gove is certainly wounded. The endless stream of scandals around academies and free schools are sapping his authority. These flagship policies were supposed to transform education.

Even Gove’s friends are turning on him. Matthew Parris in the Times warned Gove at the weekend to avoid confrontation. The Tory blog ‘Conservative Home’ wants Gove to…

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