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Getting the balance right: striving to become a ‘good’ school

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Before I became an assistant head, I worked as an AST for several years with a remit of developing teaching and learning across the school I was working in and our Leading Edge partner school. It was a dream job: every day, I would work with Mel on planning training, supporting individual staff and departments, coaching and mentoring, and developing outstanding teachers to build capacity for leading on teaching and learning. At the time, the school was deemed a ‘Good’ school on the road to ‘Outstanding’. A stronger and clearer focus on intervention for vulnerable students, a tighter focus on marking and feedback, and a more rigorous CPD programme all contributed to the school’s upward trend of results, leading to an ‘Outstanding’ judgement in 2012. Everyone was thrilled that all of the hard work had paid off; interestingly, the head said that, while he was delighted that his staff and…

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