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The Importance of “Soft Skills”: A BCC Manifesto on Skills and Employment

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In recent posts we’ve reflected on the Compass Education conference and the “Making Education Work” report from Sir Roy Anderson and Pearson Education. We’ve also referred to the British Chambers of Commerce’s “Skills and Employment” manifesto.

Skills and Employment manifesto

A link to this document is now available via the British Chamber of Commerce website:

Here’s a summary of some of the key points from this document.

  • An OECD report says British workers have “lost ground” to other developed countries regarding key skills
  • Employability should be an integral part of what a school offers, starting at primary school. Careers advice is negligible, often non-existent and this needs to be addressed urgently
  • Inconsistency and constant changes to qualifications have affected their value and usefulness for employers
  • Qualifications do not equate with skills needed for employment
  • Application of knowledge is poor
  • Greater links between business and education are required, particularly links with HEIs and courses…

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