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How SEX can help our teaching

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Pragmatic Education


Teaching seems to be a profession in which there is more burnout than is usual. Partly I think this is to due to the guilt trip effect, as Katie points out. We feel guilty any time we are not physically able to go in to school to teach our pupils, who we tend to think depend on us – so we go in even if unwell, sacrificing our long-run health on the altar of short-term guilt.

Partly it is due to the intensity of the term-time workload, because you could always do more: an extra phonecall home to tutees’ parents, an extra cycle of marking and feedback, another extra-curricular club or cross-curricular trip, an unusual lesson to resource… the list of potential extra time investments for teachers is endless.

Perhaps it is due to the emotional drain of making some 200 decisions every day, unlike in other jobs which…

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