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Freeing the Angel

Scene One: A dark corridor. Cigar smoke hovers in the air. Two men are talking. We cannot see their faces. The time is unspecified: perhaps we are in the future, perhaps in the past.

Mr. A: We need to get the Workers working, as many hours as we can. This is the way to maximise our economic productivity.

Mr. B: But the Workers with the EPUs? The Parents. The Parents ask to spend time with their EPUs. There is this strange thing that they call ‘Love’.

Mr. A: Sometimes this is good. Some of The Parents are good at developing the EPUs. They take them to the Ancient Places, where the Knowledge resides.

Mr B: But some of The Parents are not so good. They do not programme the EPUs in the right way. Sometimes they break the EPUs. [there is a faint note of horror in his voice]


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