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Why we shouldn’t jump to Ofsted’s defence against the Govites

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It must have been something of a surprise for Michael Wilshaw to come under sustained attack from his right flank. Two right wing think tanks it seems are gunning for Ofsted. It was enough to send HMCI running to the Sunday Times to tell them he was “spitting blood” and that “the stuff I read is completely unfair and unjust”. Moreover he claimed that the attacks were being launched by shadowy figures close to the Secretary of State. Suggestions that he can dish it out but can’t take criticism were soon heard on all sides. Like the particular kind of headteacher that he was, he won’t have anyone “undermining his authority”.

The key complaint of Civitas and Policy Exchange is, it seems, that Ofsted is a nest of unreconstructed child centred progressives dedicated to stopping children learning. Wilshaw’s interpretation however was that those around Gove were angry because…

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