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Trip to Bett 2014

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January 22nd arrived and I became like a child at Christmas. For several years I had wanted to go to the Bett Show in London and see all the new technology available but had never made it. This year was to be my year! Tickets purchased by school for myself and my TA and we were definitely going. How jolly exciting!

We set off from Blackpool North at 8 in the morning on a Virgin Train in first class. Now before anyone starts complaining about this being a waste of tax payer’s money we have Sir Richard Branson to thank for that one. It is the same price to travel first class as second class at that time of day for some reason. First class is rather luxurious as you may know. The breakfast menu is delicious and there is ample choice. The waiter wandered past myself and my TA…

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Author: cherrylkd

SLT, SLE, DSL, Assessment Lead, ITT NQT Mentor at an outstanding special school in Blackpool. MA in SEN/Inclusion. Writer for Bloomsbury.

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