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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: My Reluctant Writer

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Secret Teacher

OK, I suppose I should start by admitting that if you are expecting to read anything about Brad Pitt or a movie you may or may not have watched around about the year 2008, you are going to be bitterly disappointed as this post has will have no further mention of either. In fact, the subject of this blog probably (definitely) isn’t even called Benjamin Button, but he could be, and this is certainly a curious case for me.

On Wednesday evening I mentioned during the #primedchat on Twitter that I was struggling with a reluctant writer. This young boy ,for arguments sake lets call him Ben (tenuous link to the film, I know!), just would not write. Now, Ben could speak for England. For a 9 year old Year 4, he is a relatively intelligent, lively and likable young student. He actively takes part in class discussions and practical…

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