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A little knowledge is no bad thing

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Ramblings of a Teacher

I’ve tended to steer clear of the knowledge-vs-skills debates for several reasons. Firstly, there seem to be no winners, just entrenched views by-and-large – although see this blog by Chris Hildrew for a notable exception. Secondly. I’ve never seen that it had much to offer my teaching. My views have been sculpted over time by various things I’ve seen, read and done, but I didn’t really feel that I had anything worthy of note to say that hadn’t already been said.

I probably still don’t, but this thought has been playing on my mind for a few days and so I’m putting out there anyway.

Many wiser than me have pointed out that ” skills” is a hard thing to define, but then I’m not sure “knowledge” is any easier. That said, there have been several examples that have come to my mind lately that clearly suggest that the lack…

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