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How outstanding is outstanding?

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Earlier this year I was observed teaching a lesson on fractions. I used resources and a lesson plan I have used many times before.  I have been observed teaching this lesson several times. The outcome has always been a 2 or a 3.

I used the lesson despite this for two reasons.

Firstly it’s a lesson I am comfortable with. The pupils tend to learn what I want them to learn. They also tend to enjoy it (or it least not whine about how boring it is). I know it inside out. I know all the common misconceptions and I can easily alter it at need if it isn’t going as expected.

Secondly it’s a lesson I like. I don’t really care if it isn’t sufficiently “engaging” (entertaining) for some observers. The pupils learn, I like it and I’ve never cared that much about ratings anyway.

The lesson went ok. I’ve…

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