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Compass Education Conference 2014 – Part One

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This year’s Compass Education Conference took place on Saturday 18th January at the Coin Street Community Centre. The focus of the conference  was the ongoing year-long inquiry into education that Compass and the NUT have jointly organised and sponsored.

The conference was extremely well attended, and an excellent opportunity for a wide variety of voices and opinions to debate key issues in education.

The opening speaker at this year’s conference was Professor Ken Spours of the Institute of Education, who also chairs the Compass Education Group.

Prof Spours gave a comprehensive overview of how the Inquiry is proceeding, and how the Interim Inquiry Report is taking shape. He encouraged everyone to become an active participant in the Inquiry since we all bear a collective responsibility for the future of education and the future of our planet.

Compass inquiry-logoProf Spours’ key points included

  • The need to establish a broad consensus…

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