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Freeing the Angel

The words that you are reading now are me. And yet they are not me. They are ‘me:edited’, if you like. Only a tiny handful of people know the ‘real’ me. The unedited version. My partner, my children, my family and my close friends. They don’t even know me by the same name as you do. As an author my publishers tell me that I have what is known as a ‘brand’. But the ‘Sue Cowley’ whose books you read is only a version of me, a professional one, it is not me. When you first become a teacher, you very quickly realise that you cannot present an unedited version of yourself to the class. This is not the pub on a Friday night. You are not there to crack jokes, to have a laugh and to swear at each other. You are ‘Miss’ or ‘Sir’. A role model…

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