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Why did my lesson on Friday require improvement?

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How can we put policy into practice?

Now am fully trained by Ofsted, I am qualified to tell you that one of my lessons on Friday required improvement.
In my class is a boy, Barry, whose history I know well, as he has a statement and I have been line managing SEN for 18 months. He was diagnosed with speech and language needs at primary to the extent that a Speech and Language Therapist funded by Ealing LA comes in every other week to work with him.
Last year we had two different S and L Therapists. When the first one had finally finished all her assessments and writing up her report (took his entire first term of Year 7) she left and the second one was handed the baton (in second half Spring term). An excellent woman, she was nonetheless unable to do much for Barry. Barry refuses to attend one to one sessions, swears at…

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