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How long should we stay in the profession?

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Secret Teacher

After months of floating under the radar, Michael Wilshaw reemerged this week to make the headlines. When finished labelling teachers as moaners who play the role of ‘perpetual victims’, Wilshaw referred to the scandal of an estimated 40% of new teachers leaving the profession within the first five years. He put this down to poor training and not enough support. We may, for once, agree.

My views are pretty accurately summed up in this piece by David Didau. The comments section that follows that piece is a vivid reminder that the horror stories we hear of from teachers in other schools may not be a rare case or the exception. Unfortunately, their tales came as no surprise to me. What did, however, shock me was the idea of using teaching as a stepping stone to ‘something better’. I had never considered this before; the idea that people enter the profession…

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