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The last chance saloon @MooreLynne1

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By @MooreLynne1

If I describe this kid you can probably think of one of them  I can think of at least ten over the course of my career.  My memory isn’t as good as it used to be either.

In the infants was seen by staff as a loveable rogue.  Name was often preceded with ‘ohhhh…’ and accompanied by a smiley roll of the eyes or hair ruffling when child had misbehaved. Is a good kid and wants to do well but does daft things and behaves like the class clown and ALWAYS gets caught.  Does one of the best hang dog expressions ever observed but will go and do the same thing all over again ten minutes later and still gets caught.  Seems to be able to ‘grade’ teachers and support staff with almost Ofsted style precision as to how able they are to manage behaviour.  The moment it’s a person who is less than a great behaviour manager is onto them and does ridiculous, disrespectful things.  Everyone cares very much for all pupils but for this child there’s a bit of a collective ‘soft spot.’ I could go on but I’m sure you have a few names in mind already!

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