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Opening thoughts on why I think the 5 minute lesson plan is crap

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Before I start this provocatively titled blog, I want to be clear that it is not personal. I am assured that the person most widely associated with the 5MLP didn’t invent the 5MLP, and I am not passing judgement on his practice.

The 5MLP seems to be everywhere. I’ve been shown it in at least three different schools, seen it presented as transformational at three different presentations. I’ve heard people say they achieved outstanding observations because of the 5MLP.

Due to its success, now there is the 5 minute everything. The 5 minute meeting, the 5 minute inset plan, the 5 minute marking plan. It’s becoming a brand.

It’s understandable. Its growth is from the mistaken idea that to teach a great lesson you have to spend hours planning and preparing resources. After marking, planning is the biggest use of teachers’ time, and we’ve been through a history of card…

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