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Giving Teachers an MOT

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Secret Teacher

I got home from Friday exhausted. The first week back in school is always tiring as you settle back into old routines and the pressure, stress, and difficulty of maintaining a healthy work-life balance reappear. It was with a great deal of relief then that I retired to read my book, and a great deal of exasperation that I rose to see Tristram Hunt’s new proposals.

Mr Hunt told the BBC:

“Just like lawyers and doctors they (teachers) should have the same professional standing which means re-licensing themselves, which means continued professional development, which means being the best possible they can be.”

Now don’t get me wrong. I am all for continued professional development and being the best I can possibly be. So too do I agree that ‘If you’re not a motivated teacher – passionate about your subject, passionate about being in the classroom – then you shouldn’t really…

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