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Re-enactments, or, Why Ski Sunday is a Bad Thing

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The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Boy

Every summer, our little town is transformed by a mediaeval festival, courtesy of a significant battle that was fought here between the Houses of York and Lancaster in the 15th Century.  The whole town gets into the spirit of it: banners depicting the arms of the families that took part swing from the front of every shop and business in the town centre, people wearing cloaks, carrying staffs and large weapons of individual destruction roam up and down the high street unchallenged.  Several fields, up by the council offices, are transformed into a tented city and one becomes the largest market place for those-who-like-to-re-enact-the-past-in-style you have ever seen.

Sam has never been particularly keen on it, though.  For a start, it’s a fair walk from our house, and we never take the car (never any parking).  There is always a monster queue for ice-cream at the one lonely van (so…

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