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Challenge oppression through developing understanding not anger and confrontation. It doesn’t help people learn.

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Back in real world having spent the last 15 months immersed in a dissertation exploring challenging homophobia in schools.

The key take home message has always been we need to develop children and young people’s understanding of diversity, and give them opportunities to discuss, reflect and learn from different experiences and identities.

I can’t simply ban “That’s so gay” in my classroom without spending sometime explaining why and working towards a shared understanding of why that language is problematic. Otherwise all I do is I teach kids that “gay is a word Miss doesn’t like” and it’s somehow a wrong and powerful word and mustn’t be used in that space (but would still be used in other spaces). However by taking the time to work with children and young people on developing their understanding of such terms, they come to the conclusion themselves that they don’t want to use such…

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