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Dweck – Mindset in 60 Tweets @imagineinquiry

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These are my TweetNotes for Mindset. I’m planning to write a blog about it next week: Too busy at the moment.

#mindset 2.6 “people have to decide what kinds of relationships they want: ones that bolster their egos or ones that challenge them to grow?”
#mindset 2.7 “I’ll never forget the first time I heard myself say,’This is hard. this is fun.’ That’s the moment I knew I was changing Mindsets.”
#mindset 2.8 Q”When do you feel smart?”A: (from fixed mindset) “When I don’t make mistakes.”
#mindset 2.9 “people with fixed mindset expect ability to turn up on its own, before learning takes place they know how…
#mindset 2.10 “ take tests & get As but they don’t know how how to do this-yet. They forget the *yet*”
#mindset 2.11 ch from as young as 5 can believe their intelligence can be set now & forever, by a test/expert (teacher) & by being set in an ability group.

One thought on “Dweck – Mindset in 60 Tweets @imagineinquiry

  1. Hi Tim,
    Interesting idea!
    I’d use this to explore the idea that a child transferring to Secondary with a growth mind-set and an appropriate level of achievement is likely to outperform one with a fixed idea of their ability, even if that is good. It is important in young, and some older, learners to consider that incoming information can make us rethink our ideas.
    Have a good day.

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