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One of the positive things about the edu-blogosphere is that it seems relatively free of the acrimony that blights much other online discussion. I have no wish to change that – but my post yesterday brought forth a couple of negative comments (both surprisingly off-line) accusing me of something approaching educational nihilism. Maybe it’s the atmospherics we’re presently experiencing (or just the end of the holiday blues?)…

Before I go further, I should also point out that by naming head teacher Geoff Barton, I was not getting personal – it was simply that he used a widespread phrase/concept that I consider particularly unhelpful when it comes to furthering education. I hope no offence was taken.

The always-thoughtful Pedagogueinthemachine made a surprising observation this morning: he/she is worried that the new Ofsted observation guidelines will in effect leave teachers foundering in the classroom regarding what they should do to achieve those…

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