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tait coles @Totallywired77 - PuNk Learning

In a time when twitter is a wash with hideously mawkish blog entries, self-promoting posts, listing…self-promoting posts. And, when the general consensus seems to be one of relief that we can now continue to teach in the exact same ‘way’ we always have done; safe in the knowledge that nowwe know Ofsted like it. I thought it was time to focus on the students.

The only way to change things is to change the things that we do. No input; no output. It is our time for the ‘long walk through the institutions’ of education in the UK. But this change is not going to come from the authors, researchers, educators or consultants that peddle their ‘expertise’, but from the people in the classrooms. It can only happen by and from the teachers.

We must demand freedom from our students. Freedom of thought; freedom of desire and freedom…

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