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Starting School: Reception induction and the needs of the young.

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Respected from Birth

The start – important to get right 

The start of primary school has been perceived as one of the most important transitions in a child’s life and a major challenge of early childhood. Initial success at school, both socially and intellectually, leads to a virtuous cycle of achievement (Burrell and Bubb 2000) and can be critical factor in determining children’s adjustment to the demands of the school environment and future progress (Ghaye and Pascal 1989). A range of authors (Fabian and Dunlop 2002a; Dunlop and Fabian 2003) propose that the way in which transitions are experienced not only makes a difference to children in the early months of a new situation, but may also have much longer-term impact, because the extent to which they feel successful in the first transition is likely to influence subsequent experiences. While the age of starting school varies (For example, in New Zealand children…

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