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I visited a school last month.

I have also read the school’s Self Evaluation Form. These forms are often not shared with staff because they’re between SMT and OFSTED. OFSTED don’t require them, but they want Headteachers and SMTs to show they know their school. Inevitably, the easiest way to do this is on a piece of paper, so the SEF is a feature of all, or almost all, inspections.

Sometimes there are good reasons for not sharing the SEF with the staff. It’s not fair to share a SEF that identifies a member of staff as failing, or focuses on teachers who have been moved on.

But usually, it’s because the SEF is a bunch of lies.

The SEF I read was a classic.

Achievement was given a 4 – inadequate. This is not arguable as the results are terrible.

Teaching was given a 4 – inadequate. This is…

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