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Ofsted – the view from the ground!

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Someone recently suggested that Ofsted is not fit for purpose. My disquiet has been growing for some time as has my anger. The final straw was on hearing that schools were being inspected during the last week of the autumn term – the hardest term of all – at Christmas!!!!!! Thus I decided to make Ofsted- or the Forces of Darkness as I prefer to call them! – the subject of my first ever blog.

 I am the lucky recipient of not one but two Ofsted inspections this year and these experiences have shown me that it is a bankrupt – and untruthful – process. Here’s why.

 The first occurred in May at the primary school where I am vice Chair of Governors and which had been rated outstanding at the previous inspection. The school serves the most deprived ward in our deprived town – in the bottom 10% of all…

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