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How do you solve a problem like Maria? The right of children to seek adventure.

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There is a scene in the Rogers and Hammerstein movie classic The Sound of Musicwhere the widower father of the Von Trapp family, Georg, is driving home with his friend and intended wife to be. They pass a group of children climbing in trees.

“Oh, it’s nothing,” he re-assures his fiancé. “They’re just some local urchins.”

Of course, they turn out to be his own children. Horrified, he berates the teacher-governess who is responsible for their behaviour and threatens to dismiss her. But she fights back and says: “They need to play, to climb trees, to swim in the lake, to get dirty, to wear ‘play’ clothes, not the uniforms that you put them in.”

It is a classic scene of speaking truth to power for the rights of children – where a young, female teacher stands up to a middle-aged, military father. The young woman goes on to…

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