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Okay so it’s actually a little embarrassing directing people to my blog since it’s been a complete non-starter.  Maybe this year I’ll make the time for some public sharing and reflection.  Or maybe this is it for the year.  Either way, I’ve enjoyed the #nurture13/14 task and look forward to hearing what your thoughts for 13/14 are too.

The things I’m thankful for or proud of in 2013 

1. Colleagues

I work with some pretty great people and in 2013 I was partnered with two really fantastic teachers.  I was lucky to work with A for a second time teaching Y5 in 2012-13.  I always enjoy working her as she’s lovely and energetic, helps me turn my crazier ideas into practical and educational reality and wasn’t too adverse to wearing a moustache every now and again.   Since September I’ve been working with the amazing J who is a constant inspiration…

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