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365 days in my shoes Day 365

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high heels and high notes


It’s December 31st 2013. What a year.

On December 19th 2012 I posted my first ever blog post with a simply picture and one of my favourite quotes.

Having received a fab shoe calendar for Christmas I blithely posted that I would include a picture of every day’s unusual shoe with a blog. What did I let myself in for?

Well here we are, 365 days later from January 1st 2013!
1st January 2012 saw this

I recall hitting day 100 and receiving a comment from a head teacher saying they didn’t think I’d still be going after 100 days. That was 265 days ago. And here we are!

There have many highlights of blogging this year and too many to remember every single one in detail.

I suppose the best highlight has to be making new contacts and ultimately fab friends who have become real through meeting…

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