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#nurture1314 – Living and Learning

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Love Learning by Debra Kidd

I was reluctant to write for #nurture1314 in case I ended up producing one of those posts that reads like a smug round-robin Christmas Card – all I need to do is plop a picture of my adorable kids on the front and you can all vomit away. It’s been quite a year. Last year I did not use twitter. I didn’t blog and I didn’t know most of the people who will read this post. I was pretty much the same person, but instead of venting into cyberspace, I howled like Lear into the ear of my endlessly suffering husband. I suspect he’s quite glad I found twitter. So here goes…

Thirteen for 13

1. My new piano was delivered today. I learned when I was young, unlearned as I aged and promised myself that one day I’d relearn. The day has come.

2. I passed my doctorate. I…

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